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LÜRA-Basic LÜRA-Basic


Arched, more lightweight and more cost-effective than the classic variant, LÜRA Basic was specially designed for the applications most frequently occurring, ... for which the weight of the filled wall is not the focus. The most economical option e.g. for bulk goods that do not flow so strongly and can be piled up well, for light goods or for the production of relatively small halls. By means of additional measures, the overall stability of the Basic wall can easily be increased. Also when functioning as a partition wall, in combination with a LÜRA Classic rear wall or with LÜRA Combi, LÜRA Basic is to be recommended.

LÜRA Basic is, for example, ideal for

  • Wood / plywood and wood chips
  • High-grade materials since no contamination from flaking
  • Scrap
  • Substitute fuels
  • Household waste
  • Domestic refuse
  • Agricultural products
  • Green waste
  • Plastics
  • Paper
  • Visual and sound protection
  • With additional securing against slippage for almost all bulk materials

Accessories & options

  • Cover plates
  • Anti-slippage bearings
  • Anti-slippage bearings
  • Anchoring openings for additional securing against slippage and/or tipping
  • Every accessory of LÜRA Classic is compatible
  1. LÜRA-Basic
  2. LÜRA Basic 90° sloped collision-protection wall
  3. Example of box structure