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Simple adding and extending. LÜRA accessories.

Connection with interlocking devices. Connection with interlocking devices. All of the components of the LÜRA system are connected in an optimum manner with the help ... of interlocking devices. In that way you can quite easily extend the LÜRA boxes in your store yard, the stability is hence also increased. For this only standard screws are used, there are therefore no loose parts or special parts. At fixed joints the walls can be stapled or welded together in order to increase the stability.

Safety nets and protective nets. For catching bulk material that can easily be blown away by the wind such as paper, EBS and light fractions. The supports made of steel tubes can be fastened directly onto the movable wall. ... The corresponding fastening material is part of our scope of supply. On request we also offer nets in a flame-retarding version according to DIN 4102 (B1/B2), as well as wind reducing nets, stop nets, tarpaulins and safety nets.

Superstructures made of steel. For simple, subsequent increasing of the material height. With the same characteristics as the LÜRA movable walls: made of sheet steel and coated. ... By means of a simple mechanism and without any special tools the height-increasing element can be placed on the wall and adjusted to the latter’s width. The height-increasing element is tacked to the wall with small weld seams. Please take into account for this type of superstructures that the static conditions change.

Covering. For some areas of use, covering of the LÜRA movable walls is advantageous. Particularly in the case of the filling of the movable wall with water, ... or for protection from bulk material falling down that could fall into the movable walls.

Connection with interlocking system

Superstuctures made of steel